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Dexion Australia

Paul O’Keefe, Chief Executive Officer

“James brings a very strategic approach to S&OP. He understands the importance of planning for not only the next three months but the next 24 months. His conviction in his process and programme, combined with his insight and balanced manner helps us to create a more efficient organisation.

James has a very persistent approach and by developing a culture around measurement, we can make better decisions on a monthly basis for the long-term benefit of the business.”

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BP Australia

Doug Summerhill, Commercial Supply Manager

“James is pragmatic. He has the ability to quickly understand a business and its challenges and chart the optimal path to success. He has empathy for staff and the issues they may be facing and tries to jointly determine how you actually take the next steps and what the best way forward is.

His breadth of experiences and knowledge of the subject matter provides staff with confidence and direction which ultimately leads to realising benefits quicker.”

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Bulla Dairy Foods

Adam Barrett, National Demand Manager

“We chose Carrigan because they are not like the other textbook consultancies. James goes beyond the textbook with his hands-on approach and real-life examples from other industries.

His insights and experience have meant he has been able to refine a fit for purpose S&OP process for our business without compromising the outcomes.

His collaborative and direct approach has been invaluable in helping all levels of staff understand and value the role of S&OP for our business.”

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Monde Nissin (Australia) Pty Ltd

Nick Mones, Chief Operations Officer

“James becomes a part of the business rather than a consultant to the business. He is able to prioritise the right things at the right time to affect the right level of change because he applies potential solutions to the commercial needs of the business.”

Orora Logo


Craig Jackson, EGM Supply Chain

“Building excellence in service and availability is a core business imperative for Orora globally.

A key component of our supply chain capability build has been the engagement of Carrigan to develop and deploy S&OP demand/supply execution processes across our business units. Our partnership with Carrigan provides access to best practice process and subject matter expertise with a reasonable investment.

James and the Carrigan team operate at both a strategic level while also maintaining the appropriate level of hands-on operational support to our sales, supply, customer service and operations teams.”

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BlueScope Steel

Ingilby Dickson,Director and ex-GM Supply Chain

“James’ awareness and understanding that different parts of a business move at different speeds is extremely advantageous.

He presents as a professional expert but is respectful at the same time, engaging the organisation to ensure we can manage the S&OP journey and get results.

James brings good anecdotes of other industries and other examples on a particular part of the journey. His experience was first class in making sure people could understand their own situation versus what has happened externally.”

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